Reiki Music 2 - Cho Ku Rei - 2020

A beautiful violin track inspired by the Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei, violin by Alex Cameron.

Water - 2006

Producer, Director, Editor, Composer – Chas de Swiet

Additional Camerawork – Theresa Kiyota Rahman

Water is an abstract study of water. The film is constructed from a series of close-ups of water, all shot in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The transitions between the shots are slow and the violin soundtrack complements, and adds, to the flow of the piece.

Chas went through many years of turbulence due to mental health problems and the inadequacies of the mental health system. From the beginning nature has been the strongest and most effective form of healing. Water is a homage to the transformative power of nature as well as a healing process in its own right.

Being in a ‘psychotic’ state can be extremely isolating, this is reflected in the framing of the shots. There is only space for the perception of the viewer with no references to a wider world.

Shortlisted for the competition of the KynnysKIN06 festival, Helsinki, 2007